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Seattle Cascadia Day & Full Moon Celebration!

  • The FCTRY 2020 Airport Way Seattle, WA USA (map)

This year Seattle CascadiaNow! has teamed up with Manifest andCascadia for a celebration of Cascadia Day and the Full Moon for a 12 hour event from 5pm to 5am. We will be hosting the day time activities from 5-10pm with live music, performances, BBQ, Sasquatch sightings, art and solstice prep, and so much more.

Once the full moon rises, the dance party begins! There will be an amazing line-up with DJ's representing all the regions of Cascadia. Event will be free (or suggested donation) until 10pm, and 21+ / $20 after that, so everyone welcome :))

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CascadiaNow is partnering up to host an amazing daytime segment for Cascadia this year. This will include: 

<> Sasquatch sighting from our very own Sasquatch, as well as our Cascadia Bus, which also lurks out in the woods for most of the year.

<> Beer Tasting on the hour with some great beer and cider donated from different Northwest breweries. 

<> Potluck & Barbeque: We'll have the grills fired up, so bring tasty food, and enough to share. We'll of course have some burgers and veggie dogs already roasting.

<> Food Drive: we'll be hosting a food drive to collect donations, so bring any canned goods or real food you can and drop it in the bus.

More information and details coming soon!

<> Tigers and the Tank

<> The Wreckless Freaks

<> Honey Moon Tree

<> Michaud Savage

<> Kimbyah Tytania

<> David EmpeROAR

<> Kampfyre

<> Sonic Shiva


<> Henry
<> Sienna Dawn
<> Danny Lange
<> Sandy Nay
<> Cascadia NW Music and Arts Festival
<> DreamDance Cascadia! 
<> MYTHICA: Cascadia NW Village
<> ECOTOPIA: Cascadia NW Village
<> Looptib
<> Infected Visuals Crew (Merc Mercy)

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Manifest has done an amazing job booking late night performances from bands from across Cascadia starting at 11pm including

<> Lusine: (Ghostly International)



<> Naasko <> (Interchill, BC)



<> Mr. Rogers <> (Ooze System Records / PEGA5U5, NorCal)



<> DeafChild <> (SunriseSocialClub, PDX)



<> Luke Mandala <> (Activated Recordings, SEA)



<> Sean Majors <>



<> Wesley Holmes <>



<> Tom Kha <> (Thalo vs. Shtickykeys)



<> Gene Lee <> (Bass set!)



<> Noelle Reifel <>



<> Rob Noble <>




<> Zepto Space

<> Fire Zone

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Every year to celebrate this amazing area we live, we celebrate 'Cascadia Day'. This event will be family friendly from 5-8pm, with your own level of judgement past that :). During the daylight, we'll have the grills going, some awesome NW beer tasting, costume making for our solstice ensemble, and of course some music and performances happening, which will go all night. 

|| JOIN US ||
Artists, performers, musicians, tablers - Contact We're still filling our schedule which will be posting here. Want to volunteer? Let us know! 

Event will be free (or suggested donation) until 10pm, and 21+ / $20 after that, so everyone welcome :))

Join us for our Seattle Cascadia Ensemble in the Fremont Solstice Parade - Saturday, June 18th | RSVP here:

|| About Manifest ||
Manifest Inspires our community through dance, music, art, performances and magic, and have operated during the peak of the underground rave scene and hosted many top billing acts alongside some of Seattle's favorite DJ's at underground venues. These 'one off' events had a huge emphasis on performances and immersive multi-media arts.

|| About CascadiaNow and CascadiaNow Seattle||
CascadiaNow! is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building a positive and inclusive social movement and community to celebrate and protect this amazing place, and empower every person to be active about what they care about.