LOTS of ways to HELP!

There are a few supplies that we use regularly to take good care of the bands and volunteers. We're going to need A LOT of EXTRA's for the number of musicians and helpers we have on board for the festival. Would you be willing to bring some of these things with you to the show?

Cases of Bottled Water
Canned or Bottled Drinks (i.e. beer, soda, etc.)
Small Snacks (fruit, candy, trail mix, chips, etc.)

Ground Coffee
Non-Perishable Coffee Creamer

Paper Cups
Red Solo Cups

Batteries (D, AA & AAA)
Toilet Paper
33 gallon (or larger) black trash bags

We're starting to plan what we'll need to purchase ahead of time, so please let us know how you might be able to help out. Everything you donate will be put to really good use taking care of the amazing musicians and volunteers at Music on the Mounds.

We appreciate all of your help making this a great thing!