Let's talk about it!

We'd love to introduce you to our neighbors on February 22nd during a meeting at Music on the Mounds! 

We think it's important to open the lines of communication in our neighborhood, so it's clear what we are (and are not) doing over here. We are definitely a group of fans and friends enjoying live independent music. We are NOT a business. We are completely against under-age drinking. We are NOT cooking meth. Things like that. LOL :) 

We also want the neighbors to know that we have "respectable" fans that care about the welfare of our little community. Our hope is that with clear communication and reassurance, we'll be able to prevent possible complaints to the police. THAT could possibly shut us down. Obviously something we all want to avoid. :)

We have no expectations of the meeting, other than introductions and conversation. We already plan to make some changes to our summer activities, but we may need to make more. We won't be able to solve everything, but this will be a start. 

If you happen to be one of those level-headed, excellent mediator types, who just happens to love Music on the Mounds, PLEASE come to the meeting. We can always use some help here. LOL

If you can't make it but you still want to contribute, PLEASE write a short letter addressed to our neighbors and we'll hand deliver it at the meeting. Just introduce yourself and let them know about your experience at our shows. Two of the adjacent households have recently retired from lifelong careers in childhood education (one a librarian and the other an art teacher), so we think they would especially love to hear from kids and families.