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Music on the Mounds + CascadiaNOW = Great Northwest Productions

We are pleased to announce that Music on the Mounds is now completely non-profit with 501c3 fiscal sponsorship through CascadiaNOW! 

We're moving into the future as Great Northwest Productions.

We'll of course continue to create  lifelong connections between fans, musicians, artists and small business owners through art and music events, but now we'll be doing it all over the entire Cascadia Region, including more shows at Music on the Mounds.

In other words, our event opportunities just grew exponentially! 

Great Northwest Productions was formed out of the desire to continue supporting independent artists, musicians and small business owners throughout the Pacific Northwest by connecting them with fans for life!

We also strive to connect people with the wonder and beauty of this region by producing artistic and cultural events in the places we all love the most.

Benefiting financially from artists and musicians has never been our priority and as Great Northwest Productions we're able to make that official.

501c3 sponsorship allows us to continue focusing on adequate compensation for the people at the heart of our events through tax deductible ticket sales, business sponsorships and private donations, while creating an accountable and sustainable fund to continue producing events far into the future.

Let's make Great Northwest Productions a huge success! Don't hesitate to contact us with event or collaboration ideas. Together we can accomplish anything. 

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