(almost) Our Last Summer Show!

On the surface the Hooten Hallers appear to be a three-piece loud blues and hillbilly soul band. As with much else in the vast unknowable cosmos this image deceives us. The Hooten Hallers are more likely a lost group of time-traveling extraterrestrials from places unknown to humanity. Some say they come from a planet where rock n' roll isn't dead, where blues is still played with soul. Others say they're masked reptilian humanoids from deep within the earth. One fact shines through: their powerful live shows and recordings must be witnessed to be believed.

John Randall plays guitar more as a gunslinger than a musician, and his voice can be described as somewhere between John Lee Hooker and a howler monkey. Andy Rehm, with his unique stand-up drumming style, often resembles a man trying to beat a two-headed wolf to death, while at the same time channeling the ghost of Minnie Ripperton to provide vocal harmony. A wandering musical alchemist, Paul Weber rescues ancient instruments from other ages and literally breathes new life into them.

The Hooten Hallers were formed in Columbia, MO in 2006: playing open mics and house parties until they developed a local following. For the next four years, they branched out and played as many shows around the midwest as they could, including several small festivals and short tours. However, it wasn't until early 2011 that The Hooten Hallers began touring nationally with help from Bucket City Agency. Since then, they have been on the road almost full time.

To date, The Hooten Hallers have released a number of live and radio bootlegs, two full length studio albums ["We Have Friends"(2008), "The Epic Battle of Good and Evil"(2009)] and one live album ["LIVE at Widow's Peak"(2010)]. 2012 saw the release of their live-in-studio album, "Greetings from Welp City" on Big Muddy Records.

The Hooten Hallers' new album "Chillicothe Fireball" is the follow-up and natural progression to their 2012 full-length, "Greetings from Welp City." With new member Paul Weber (harmonica, tuba), the Hooten Hallers are now a dynamic three-piece that has honed its craft of songwriting to match their explosive on-stage performances. "Chillicothe Fireball" was recorded live in-studio so as to capture the energy of the band's live shows. "Chillicothe Fireball" showcases the band's diverse capabilities, from hard-driving loud blues to acoustic country to sci-fi and spooky songs. Along with friends on baritone and bass saxophone, piano, and pedal steel, this album is full of surprises as the Hooten Hallers venture through new territory and depth in their songs, all with the same ferocious energy that their fans have come to know and love.

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