What a FANTASTIC show!

Words can NOT possibly express all the freakin' incredible things that happened at Hillstomp on the Mounds last weekend! Sweet Lou's Sour Mash blew everyone away with their awesome, lively tunes in the opening set and then Junkyard Amy Lee made everyone's jaw hit the floor with her incredible, soul-filled vocals and guitar skills. After that Hillstomp completely blew the doors off the barn and started the whole crowd jumpin' up and down for the rest of the night! All of that awesome-sauce was followed up with a huge serving of goodness around the campfire (under a TON of stars) until all hours of the morning. It was a truly magical night with amazing people. I don't think any of us will be able to forget it! 

Join us at our next show on June 21st for Summer Solstice Saturday. FOUR BANDS and family friendly. We guarantee a whole bunch more amazing memories!  

Check out the lineup and get tickets for our June 21st show right here: http://summeronthemounds.bpt.me