It's a REALLY good thing.

We started Music on the Mounds to share incredible, live music with new friends like you!  We think our barn is an amazing, unique venue with tons of potential for musical joy and happiness. It's an opportunity to meet fantastic, new people and to really get to know the talented musicians who play here. You'll experience their music like you won't see it anywhere else. We love sharing this beautiful property with everyone and already we've created memories that will last a lifetime. 

We want to see this little music venue become a regular and sustainable fixture in all our lives because we think it's worth it to see a show here. We think it's worth every dime to enjoy live music under the stars, around a campfire and in the barn surrounded by "friends for life", which is why we continue to invest so much of our own time and money. We believe all of us are truly at our best when we come together and Music on the Mounds has the beginnings of an incredible music family.

So here we are.... Half way through our second year of shows and having the time of our lives, but as we prepare to (once again) clean out our bank accounts to pay and feed the musicians, we have to be realistic.  How long can we keep this up? How long can we continue to spend so much of our own money before we are able to break even (the goal) or we have to stop doing concerts (NOT the goal)?

We're getting ready for our 9th concert at Music on the Mounds June 21st and we hope to do many more in the future. We know what it takes to make this sustainable and it comes down to people like you buying tickets and attending our shows. That's it. That's all you have to do. We need to see about 100 of your smiling faces at every concert and we can easily pay the bands and the mandatory bills (outhouses, sound tech & garbage).  We think it's a reasonable goal and one that we can make reality, if we all work together to find the right group of people. We had more than 100 people at our last show with Hillstomp and for the first time ever we were able to cover everything!  We really hope to make that a regular occurrence and if there's ever a time when there are extra ticket sales, we plan to happily donate that to the bands as well. We'll get there with your help. 

We ask you to do whatever you can to support Music on the Mounds because we think it's a lot bigger than just us. We think there's enough magic going on here to effect an incredible number of people in a truly positive and amazing way. So if you want to see this continue, let us know you're out there by saving the dates and volunteering or buying tickets to a show and by helping us spread the word with other people who would love this experience as much as we do.  Oh and even if you can't make it to the mounds, you can still show your support by throwing something in the pot here:  

We appreciate every bit of your support and we know you want to see this succeed in a way that will allow all of us to enjoy it. Thank you for being a part of this outrageously fun, always amazing, fantastic adventure called Music on the Mounds. We can't do it without you! 

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